Chinese Female Art for 30 Years----Lizi

By Jia Fangzhou

Mystery and greyish gloomy colors have always been the keynote of Lizi’s art. It’s very hard for us to read by common sense the unidentified and ambiguous figures. Even when she turns to depict scenery,the keynote of mystery and gloom only gets heavier. In her works series like The Lost, The 160 Decibel,The Fifth Category of Forest, the atmosphere of mystery is rendered further. On her works, there often appears a ghost-like figure floating in between the dim and somber woods, an unintelligible building, a sculpture fragment, an irregular geometry line structure, a fierce animal in an architectural space, an antiquated ceiling lamp in the unintelligible space, iron fence, etc. In her latest works, she often applies to some English lines or pictures to enhance the narration. Sometimes she includes a frame fragment into the painting and makes it part of the works.Besides, she makes use of the black gauze to increase the sense of solemnity and ceremony, which adds up kind of consciousness of death to the fantasy. All in all, Lizi is always trying to use various materials to add up the mysterious color and the feature of narration. Her video works Farewelland The Fifth Category of Forest are close in tone to her easel works. They all belong to the cold gloomy “secret space”which she is fascinated in creating. As what she said, “Mysticism is seen only when you close the eyes of your body and open the eyes of your soul. Only when the eyes of your  soul are clear off from the interruption of the physical world, you can come to your self in the state of meditation, so as to achieve truth and wisdom. The basic creed of mysticism  is to believe that there is a secret or hidden power in this world, which is used to control the environment and to predict the future.”

Many people would transfer their focus from her works to the artist herself. It often surprises people when they see the big contrast between the gloomy style of her works and the brightness of her ego,but that’s exactly the effect that Lizi wants to create. Lizi has a very clear cognition on herself. She knows what to do. She doesn’t want her works to be too straight-forward and superficial. She  knows that it is not enough to enhance the depth of the  works only through form languages, so that she tries her best to promote her culture and knowledge accumulation, so that she enriches her works with the fullness of her mind and triggers the visual power with her inner strength. As far as her inner orientation is concerned, she tends to ask for the answers to those unexplained  mysterious things like souls. She has particular interests on religious doctrines, but her mysticism is more likely to be about the witchcraft, because art origins in witchcraft(there’s another saying that art origins in labour and games). So it is natural for her to gain spiritual nourishment from mysterious witchcraft.